Say Something

Title Say Something 

Author Salice Rodgers

Pages 93

Rating 4.0

Book Description

Josylnn Nethers is a young woman who is a waiter at Franks Restaurant she is happy to be of age and leave her home because of her drunk father who would blame her for ruining his life and the reason why his wife left him. She is running from her past and start a new life without her father and with her friend Taylor. They have been best friends since they were little girls. But soon there will be a lot of trouble for Josylnn some crazy incidents start happening to her and she is scared for her life and doesn’t know who is trying to hurt her. Plus she finds that mysterious guy in the restaurant very attractive.

Marshall Andrews was the little boy who use to play with Josylnn. But Josylnn pretty much blocked that part of her life and when she see’s Marshall she doesn’t remember him. Marshall left when his parents moved to another state and has return after his brother Trevor told him he had seen Josylnn. Marshall has been in love with Josylnn since they were kids and promised to protect her. Then Marshall starts showing up at Frank’s Restaurant and ordering the same food everyday. Josylnn has been taking his orders every night. He would watch her the whole time he was there and he was ready to help her find out who is trying to kill her.

Book Review

So I received this Ebook as a gift from a contest I entered and I absolutely loved it. The characters were awesome and very well written. The chemistry between Josylnn and Marshall was very good and kept me interested the whole time. I was able to read this book in one sitting due to that it was short book. But it was a good read full with suspense of what was going to happen next with Josylnn’s attacker that is non other than her father but he had some help from the least people you would have thought. I was shocked when I found out who it was. This book awesome I can’t wait to read the second book and find out what happen with Marshall and Trevor after Josylnn and him got attacked at Frank’s place.

I am rating this short story a 4 stars for all the excitement that it made me feel while reading it. Plus I really don’t have anything negative to say other than it was too short but I was warned so no big deal. Also want to recommend this book since I really liked it and if your into Suspense thriller with some hot romance than this is your type of book trust me you wont be disappointed.

My thought on Fifty Shades Freed

Title Fifty Shades Freed 

Author E L James 

Rating 4.0

Book Review

Fifty Shades Freed is the third book of the series for those that don’t know but come on I think everyone knows about this books and what they are all about that’s why I skipped the book description and just wanted to talk about what were my thoughts on this book itself.

Well I have to say that this has been the one book that I liked most out of the three. Why because it had more drama and I got to find out who was behind all those incidents against Christian Grey at first I thought it was going to be Elena because I thought she was going to have feeling for Grey after all now that Ana was in his life I thought she would realize that she has lost him. Plus I thought she was seeking revenge for the way things went down when Grace found out what had happen many years ago with her son and Elena. But Erika did a good job in not making Elena be the bad guy otherwise it would have been too predictable. Yes I have to admit when I found out that Jack was behind it and who was his accomplices that was the really shocking. I loved it how it all played out and how Christian came to rescue Ana even after she made him believe that she was after the money and that was it.

When I read that I had to reread that part again my ears could not believe what I was reading. I also enjoyed how Ana was able to help Christian with his need of that playroom she was willing to compromise and that was something I really enjoyed reading otherwise I think this book would have lost its touch on the whole sex thing.

Another thing I would like to add is that in this book we find out more of Christian’s background we find out what Jack and him had in common which was also another shocking news to read. As well as how things started between him and Elena that sexual lifestyle I also enjoyed Kate and Christian brother ending up together and finding out the sex of Ana’s baby and plus she had another child with Christian and now living in that beautiful house he bought her.

I am looking forward to read more books of this author and however I don’t know if I will be reading Grey’s book in his point of view when he meet and all that because it sounds me like I know the story I did get to read that in the third book when she comes and interviews him what he was thinking but it didn’t make want to read it. So with this I would like to conclude my book review.

Dreamer The Forever Series

Title: Dreamer The Forever Series

Author: S.A. Smith

Pages: 92

Average Rating:4.12


Sadie is an adult with very special powers she can sense people’s moods and know what they are going to say before they even say it. Also she is currently single and she starts to have these weird dreams at night where she is transported to another country and meets this hot sexy guy who just looks at her and call her by another name.

However every time she wants to find out she wakes up and is left wondering and day dreaming about this mysterious man. She begins to fall in love with him and she thinks she’s going crazy at the thought how can she fall in love with a man who doesn’t exists.

Sebastian is a vampire and who is looking for his soul mate but he has to go to the other side of the world just to find her and when he does he finds out that she has no idea who she is and he has to be careful to not scare her away.

Book Review 

Let me start by saying this is my first book I read from this author and it won’t be my last either I am ecstatic about this series. The only down side is that it was too short only nine chapters and I was left hanging for more I am glad that when I purchased the first book I also bought the second one. Its been a while now for me since I read this type of books and I am super happy to say that I feel like I just won the jackpot with this series.

The characters for me were very likable and charming. I was very excited to see how the author gave them life and different powers and just the way these two meet did it for me it was intriguing to see where she was going with this story. I was not able to put this book down.

I do want to take this time to recommend it to you if your into the Paranormal Romance genre and even if you’re not I honestly think you will like it. Dreamer is the first book than its Royal Blood down below I will leave you a link if you want to grab a copy.

The Forever Series Dreamer Link:

Royal Blood Book 2  Link:

Fifty Shades Darker

fifty shades darker

Title Fifty Shades Darker

Author Erika L James

Pages 532

Rating 3.92

 Fifty Shades Darker is the second book of the Fifty shades series and way better than the first and this is my humble opinion. I read this book very quickly and jumped to the third one immediately. This book for we was just great due to all the suspense it had and just the fact that I got meet one of the ex subs of Mr. Grey which by the way she was very crazy and intense I really enjoyed how the author made her in this book.

She broke into Christian’s apartment and the security didn’t even noticed to me that was pretty cool. Also we have Jack Hyde who is a creep and who was trying to get into Anastasia’s panties since he meet her and Christian even warned her about it and she just didn’t want to believe Mr. Control Freak (A.K.A) Christian Grey. Like he would say “Ana be careful around that creep he wants to get into your panties” and at first I thought he is just being paranoid about the whole thing. But when Jack tried to hit on Ana at the office I was freaking out I thought for sure he is going to rape her and Christian was going to kick his butt or even worse have Taylor kill him.

Another interesting character from this book was Mrs. Robinson who is this woman well non other than the woman who introduced Mr. Grey into the whole life style this the woman who took advantage of him when he was only a teenager and when Ana found out who she was Ana didn’t want anything to do with this pedophile just as Ana would call her. When they first talked at a family charity event at Christian’s mom’s house Elena wanted a word with Ana and I pretty much-loved the way how Anastasia treated her and spoke to her in a magnificent way. But the best part of all was Christian’s mom finding out about what had happen between Mrs. Robinson and Christian and Ana was there front and center she witnessed everything and could not move.

I could keep going and going guys but there is more and you should read it.  At first I had my reservations about reading these books but as I kept reading I liked it more. Erika did a wonderful job in this second book, I will admit that I am glad I didn’t gave up on these books and I can’t wait to tell you about book three.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Title Fifty Shades of Grey

Author E.L James

Pages 514

Rating 3.9

Book Review

Fifty Shades Of Grey is the first book of the series but I am pretty sure you already know that. This is my first book for me to read of this author E.L James and it was okay for me really I think there was just too much talk about this book. I really was not planning to read it at first because I just kept hearing so much about it but a good friend started reading them and talking about them to me so I gave in and just read the first book and finished it last night. Over all and besides the sex the book was okay.

I did enjoy everything else about the book the emails between them and the meeting the parents and him surprising her at Georgia while she went off to see her mom and keep distance from him because she would lose control every time she was around him. It was adorable to see how they both feel in love with each other but they were too afraid to admit it to each other. Another favorite for me is when Christian takes her in the morning to fly that moment was very sweet he was finally letting her in into his life and they were having something more that the sex contract that they had.

I was very shocked to read at the end that she says I am done no more and the strong words she uses to tell him. I also loved how she gave everything back to him the laptop, the black berry, the keys of the car and how she asked him for the money of her beetle and he writes her a check. and tells her that her beetle was a classic car and that she got good money for it. That was so good she was taking control and seeing her put her foot down was great. All those things I really liked about the story and for me the sex was not even that big yes they did have a lot of it and I was not surprised one bit. It just got kind of old for me I wanted to read more about the relationship they were going to have and where it was going to end and because the love story does not end there I will be reading the second book and find out how this Vanilla relationship will end will they find a way to be together with all the complicated stuff between them.


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before By Jenny Han ( Book Review is coming soon…)

TITLE: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (Book#1)

AUTHOR: Jenny Han

PAGES: 268


I am currently reading this YA book and from what I have read so far its about this family of three sisters and a single father who is a doctor a OBGYN and the girl’s mother died one day after hitting herself in the head and taking a nap she never woke up again. So the big sister is taking care of her family but she is ready to head out to college while the middle sister does not want her big sister to leave her behind with the responsibility to take care of the father and baby sister.

Lara who is the middle daughter writes letters to the boys she has loved before but one day her box goes missing and all her letters were mailed out and now she has to face all those boys.

Grab your copy here on Amazon

The second book is coming out May 26, 2015 you can now pre-order it I just saw it on Amazon it’s called P.S I STILL LOVE YOU ( BOOK#2)


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