GREY ( Book Four) Fifty Shades of Grey



Grey is the Fourth Book of the Fifty Shades of Grey Series. I am very glad that I read this book I was hesitant of reading it because I had assumed that it was all going to be the same but boy was I surprised that it felt very different and as I read more I wanted to find out where this book was going to reveal and what were the thoughts of Mr. Grey meeting Anastasia for the first time in his office. I have to say it was so intense Christian didn’t sugar-coated anything. He went straight to the point to the things he wanted to say to her but wouldn’t dare to say it out loud. It was graphic more than Ana’s point and this was a wonderful surprise and that’s why I kept reading because it was nice for me to read something and have the male telling his point of view.

 For example when Mr. Grey goes into the hardware store he actually just went to see her he never had any business meetings to attend and he was in denial of already liking this girl who interviewed him and that he only claimed to want her as his submissive


Here we have Mr. Grey thinking how was he going to break it down to her and ask her if she wanted to be his submissive. He was afraid of rejection and in the first book when Ana was telling it we had no idea this is what he was thinking of being so afraid she would say no. So than there he decided to stay in the city and invited Mrs. Steel for coffee or something and then break it down to her about this whole submissive stuff.

All this little things that were going in his head is what made me read more and I think I enjoyed reading this book more than all the first three books. I do hope the author continues and gives us all three books of his point of view. Because hands down I will be buying those books too. I honestly would have liked these books to have been the first three in Christian Grey’s point of view instead of Ana. The reason I say this is because her subconscious would drive me crazy it was a little annoying how low self steam she had and I get we would probably all would have that at first if we had a rich guy come up to use and wanting more than a submissive relationship but it kind of got old.

Anyways the bottom line is that I do recommend these books but I would have to say start with the fourth book Grey and then go with the first, second and third book last. I do hope there is more of Mr. Grey point of view for book two and three. My rating for this book is a four star because I was very happy with the outcome of the book and all those surprises that I thought this book was going to be like and the author left me completely in awe.



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