Forgive Me Book 2 of Say Something Series

forgive me

TITLE: Forgive Me 

AUTHOR: Salice Rodgers 

SERIES: Say Something Book 2 


In this second book of Forgive Me we have Frank and Tank in the loose we don’t know what happen to them. They got a head start of escaping the town after finding out that Joslynn’s father had failed to kill her and that lover boy Marshall Andrews. The police didn’t even have a clue of where to start looking for them. In another had we also have Marshall gone out of the picture too. We don’t know if he is alive or dead after Joslynn’s father shooting him. He was rushed to the hospital as well as Joslynn but after that he was gone.

Months had passed now and there was still no news of Marshall and his brother. Josylnn’s friend was now back and healthy from her addiction. While Joslynn was trying to get better she decided to go for a walk and she went alone. Tank took that as a perfect opportunity to take her and god knows what he was going to do to her. While her friend Taylor was at home worried that she had not yet returned she hears a knock on the door and hurries to go open it and see Marshall standing there tears start coming and she gives him the shocking news that Joslynn’s nowhere to be found.

Book Review

I am in-loved with this series really its been a while that I have not read something so good that I could not put this book down. The characters were awesome I really, really liked them a lot. I think they were very well written and they were even charming even the bad guys were made really bad that I really felt like i hated them and wanted them to get captured by the cops and put in jail and never see the light of the day. Specially the dad and the uncle how could a father be so abusive and accuse his daughter for being responsible for the mother leaving them both.

I read this book really quick because it is a little short but with a lot suspense and thrill of what was going to happen next and how this story was going to end. I will recommend this series to everyone because I really enjoyed it a lot and it was such a joy to read this story….


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