My thought on Fifty Shades Freed

Title Fifty Shades Freed 

Author E L James 

Rating 4.0

Book Review

Fifty Shades Freed is the third book of the series for those that don’t know but come on I think everyone knows about this books and what they are all about that’s why I skipped the book description and just wanted to talk about what were my thoughts on this book itself.

Well I have to say that this has been the one book that I liked most out of the three. Why because it had more drama and I got to find out who was behind all those incidents against Christian Grey at first I thought it was going to be Elena because I thought she was going to have feeling for Grey after all now that Ana was in his life I thought she would realize that she has lost him. Plus I thought she was seeking revenge for the way things went down when Grace found out what had happen many years ago with her son and Elena. But Erika did a good job in not making Elena be the bad guy otherwise it would have been too predictable. Yes I have to admit when I found out that Jack was behind it and who was his accomplices that was the really shocking. I loved it how it all played out and how Christian came to rescue Ana even after she made him believe that she was after the money and that was it.

When I read that I had to reread that part again my ears could not believe what I was reading. I also enjoyed how Ana was able to help Christian with his need of that playroom she was willing to compromise and that was something I really enjoyed reading otherwise I think this book would have lost its touch on the whole sex thing.

Another thing I would like to add is that in this book we find out more of Christian’s background we find out what Jack and him had in common which was also another shocking news to read. As well as how things started between him and Elena that sexual lifestyle I also enjoyed Kate and Christian brother ending up together and finding out the sex of Ana’s baby and plus she had another child with Christian and now living in that beautiful house he bought her.

I am looking forward to read more books of this author and however I don’t know if I will be reading Grey’s book in his point of view when he meet and all that because it sounds me like I know the story I did get to read that in the third book when she comes and interviews him what he was thinking but it didn’t make want to read it. So with this I would like to conclude my book review.


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