Fifty Shades Darker

fifty shades darker

Title Fifty Shades Darker

Author Erika L James

Pages 532

Rating 3.92

 Fifty Shades Darker is the second book of the Fifty shades series and way better than the first and this is my humble opinion. I read this book very quickly and jumped to the third one immediately. This book for we was just great due to all the suspense it had and just the fact that I got meet one of the ex subs of Mr. Grey which by the way she was very crazy and intense I really enjoyed how the author made her in this book.

She broke into Christian’s apartment and the security didn’t even noticed to me that was pretty cool. Also we have Jack Hyde who is a creep and who was trying to get into Anastasia’s panties since he meet her and Christian even warned her about it and she just didn’t want to believe Mr. Control Freak (A.K.A) Christian Grey. Like he would say “Ana be careful around that creep he wants to get into your panties” and at first I thought he is just being paranoid about the whole thing. But when Jack tried to hit on Ana at the office I was freaking out I thought for sure he is going to rape her and Christian was going to kick his butt or even worse have Taylor kill him.

Another interesting character from this book was Mrs. Robinson who is this woman well non other than the woman who introduced Mr. Grey into the whole life style this the woman who took advantage of him when he was only a teenager and when Ana found out who she was Ana didn’t want anything to do with this pedophile just as Ana would call her. When they first talked at a family charity event at Christian’s mom’s house Elena wanted a word with Ana and I pretty much-loved the way how Anastasia treated her and spoke to her in a magnificent way. But the best part of all was Christian’s mom finding out about what had happen between Mrs. Robinson and Christian and Ana was there front and center she witnessed everything and could not move.

I could keep going and going guys but there is more and you should read it.  At first I had my reservations about reading these books but as I kept reading I liked it more. Erika did a wonderful job in this second book, I will admit that I am glad I didn’t gave up on these books and I can’t wait to tell you about book three.


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