Fifty Shades of Grey

Title Fifty Shades of Grey

Author E.L James

Pages 514

Rating 3.9

Book Review

Fifty Shades Of Grey is the first book of the series but I am pretty sure you already know that. This is my first book for me to read of this author E.L James and it was okay for me really I think there was just too much talk about this book. I really was not planning to read it at first because I just kept hearing so much about it but a good friend started reading them and talking about them to me so I gave in and just read the first book and finished it last night. Over all and besides the sex the book was okay.

I did enjoy everything else about the book the emails between them and the meeting the parents and him surprising her at Georgia while she went off to see her mom and keep distance from him because she would lose control every time she was around him. It was adorable to see how they both feel in love with each other but they were too afraid to admit it to each other. Another favorite for me is when Christian takes her in the morning to fly that moment was very sweet he was finally letting her in into his life and they were having something more that the sex contract that they had.

I was very shocked to read at the end that she says I am done no more and the strong words she uses to tell him. I also loved how she gave everything back to him the laptop, the black berry, the keys of the car and how she asked him for the money of her beetle and he writes her a check. and tells her that her beetle was a classic car and that she got good money for it. That was so good she was taking control and seeing her put her foot down was great. All those things I really liked about the story and for me the sex was not even that big yes they did have a lot of it and I was not surprised one bit. It just got kind of old for me I wanted to read more about the relationship they were going to have and where it was going to end and because the love story does not end there I will be reading the second book and find out how this Vanilla relationship will end will they find a way to be together with all the complicated stuff between them.



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