To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before By Jenny Han ( Book Review is coming soon…)

TITLE: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (Book#1)

AUTHOR: Jenny Han

PAGES: 268


I am currently reading this YA book and from what I have read so far its about this family of three sisters and a single father who is a doctor a OBGYN and the girl’s mother died one day after hitting herself in the head and taking a nap she never woke up again. So the big sister is taking care of her family but she is ready to head out to college while the middle sister does not want her big sister to leave her behind with the responsibility to take care of the father and baby sister.

Lara who is the middle daughter writes letters to the boys she has loved before but one day her box goes missing and all her letters were mailed out and now she has to face all those boys.

Grab your copy here on Amazon

The second book is coming out May 26, 2015 you can now pre-order it I just saw it on Amazon it’s called P.S I STILL LOVE YOU ( BOOK#2)


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