Ten Princess Books For Kids Who Could Use a Break from Disney Princesses (Whether They Realize it or Not) by Elizabeth Dillow

very interesting I myself have two little girls that would love princess books too. Thanks for sharing Nerdy Book Blog…

Nerdy Book Club

The magical reach of the Disney princess extends far and wide: sleeping bags, clocks, toothpaste, Campbell’s soup, tennis shoes… but nowhere more than the bookshelf. It’s possible to browse over 100 pages of princess books on Amazon.com—even Belle’s palace library would be hard-pressed to hold them all.

Despite the many voices warning of princess-induced cultural collapse, we don’t shun the Disney princess in our house; in fact, I have a hardcore princess devotee of my own who has amassed a healthy collection of Disney titles over the years. What we do shun, however, is single-minded fanaticism, especially when it comes to books. Luckily, there are many princesses in picture book literature that explore a variety of themes beyond the glittery “happily ever after” ending that will keep listeners thinking, questioning, and entertained. If you’ve ever felt the desperation of reading about Ariel, Merida, or Elsa for the 500th time but…

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