The Young Elites


Title The Young Elites
Author Marie Lu
Genre Y.A Distopyan
Pages 355
Rating 4.5

                                  Book Review

This was a sweet story I am rating it a 4.5 because I liked the whole concept of the book. The characters were wonderful I really enjoyed them all and everything they had to offer. Their unique powers each character had was facinating to me. The author did a wonderfull job in discribing  them I had to force myself to stop reading at times. Its an easy read and I am looking forward to the second book.

My favorite character was Enzo he had a charm of a bad boy but deep inside he had a soft side. The moments he shared with Adelina were wonderful I have to admit I was expecting and wanting a little more between them two. I  was shocked with the revelations that came after their couple of encounters  those incidents not only with them but with the other character’s.

The author did it again in her writing I have to say this is my first book I read of Marie Lu and it wont be my last one she really had me hooked. I usally like to guess what will happen as I read the book but this story revealed a lot of shocking things that I didnt see coming. And I really like that when authors have me guessing about will happen next.


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