TITLE: True Love Jennifer Lopez

GENRE: Biography


PAGES: 274

Book Synopsis

This is a story of LOVE it started when love was LOST and I felt as if my world had FALLEN apart. What followed was a trans-formative JOURNEY. through the PROCESS of developing my first world tour. Where I faced some of my greatest CHALLENGES, overcame some of my biggest FEARS and. With the help of my incredible CHILDREN,emerged a STRONGER person than I’ve EVER been.


I am fascinated with this biography of J.LO she really opened up to her fans and friends and family. I have a totally different view of  her now. I am really happy to share with you some of the things she wrote down in this book. Like finding out that she had Low Self-Esteem was crazy to read honestly because she is so beautiful.

When I first took a look at the book I thought her kids are going to be her True Love but I have to say I was wrong that’s only part of the answer but the real True Love you will have to read it to discover it for your self. And trust me it will be good. She also talks about her world tour this was her first one and it scared her to go on stage in front of many people and sing her songs she thought what if they didn’t like it she had put this tour off so many times but when her divorce happened this was a good time to do it.

While I kept reading and seeing those beautiful pictures she has in her book of her and children and family and specially of her world tour it made me feel like I was in one of her presentations. I have never seen Jennifer in concert at all so when I read it and looked at those pictures I was like man I really missed out. There is one presentation that stands out to me the most because it’s about her and how she is telling us woman to LOVE YOURSELF.

In that performance she had two couples on each side of her one where the man is being abusive to the woman and on the other side she has the woman abusing the man. Reading about it how she described that presentation was awesome it made me feel like I was front and center of that performance.

I could probably can go on and on about this biography of her’s but I think you should read it and I bet you will be amazed of her journey and all the things she went through to be happy again.


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