Title: I’ll Give You The Sun

Author: Jandy Nelson

Genre: Young Adult 

Rating: Five Star

Jude and Noah were twins and incredibly close. At the age of thirteen Noah decides to be by himself he does not hang with his sister anymore and he starts to fall in love with the boy next door while his sister Jude is being a daredevil who likes to jump off cliffs and wears red lipstick and does the talking for her self and little twin brother.

Three years have past now and Jude and Noah can’t stand each other at all they do things to each other just to see them hurt just like the other one was hurting. Something happens that the twins go their own way. Until Jude meets a cocky, broken, beautiful boy, as well as someone else – an even more unpredictable new force in her life.

Noah is the one who starts to tell us the first half story but then you have Jude telling us the other half of the story but they don’t know they only each half of the whole story and if they could just find their way back to one another, they’d have a chance to remake their world.


Okay this book was amazing I absolutely loved it. Jude and Noah and grandma’s Sweetwine bible quotes were super hilarious I think for the most part of the book I was always looking forward to see what grandma Sweetwine had to say.

What I loved about this book was all the characters there was not one that I didn’t like. And  I think its crazy because as I am thinking about it and writing it down I can’t believe I am saying this. The twins were crazy but sweet too just to read about them and how they interacted and how they could communicate to each other at points were they didn’t have to say anything one knew what the other was thinking how crazy is that right. Also the dad when they first had that fight in the other room and the twins were listening I immediately thought what a jerk of a father they have how did the mother marry this guy did any of you think that. Well I sure did but I knew something was up and that there was a reason for it. Also seeing how Noah falls in love with a boy who was a big shocker to me because I have never read about same-sex falling in love and it was okay at first a little weird but not gross at all I don’t have anything against the people with the same-sex falling in love just to be clear.

When I meet Guillermo it was lovely I thought to my self what is wrong with this person how come he does not want to teach any students and is an Igor I think the author just had the perfect nickname for him to describe him that way. And then meeting Oscar how loony he was just like Jude I think the orange thing did it for me I was shocked about it and how Jude’s reaction to it was perfect. gosh I can keep going on and on but these were some of the things I loved about the characters. The book was amazing I hope you who is reading this gives the book the chance I mean you will really love it. Hands down I give this book a five star and recommend it to everyone it does not matter the age you have this a one amazing young adult book I am so happy I came across it.


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