Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster






Abby is running away from her past and wants to start fresh in a new town where nobody knows her where she can be a different person. Abby and her best friend America decided to go to college together they were at Eastern University they slept in Morgan Hall but did not have the same dorm room.America was dating Shep and Abby living a single life. That’s until she meets Americas boyfriend cousin and roommate.

Travis Maddox is use to having all the hot girls from Eastern University throw them self’s at him he could take a girl to bed and then let them go without any feeling. Even though all these girls knew that they still wanted him so bad. Travis was also an underground fighter at Easter University he would have fights in the campus basements everything was low-key, This is where he meets Abby and Abby see’s him for the first time fight she was mesmerized by him.


I have a whole mix of feelings for this book and I am trying to be nice and considered of what I am about to write in the next couple paragraphs. First of all I would like to say some kind words to the author. I would like to say you did a beautiful job writing this book and all the excitement that came with it during those underground fights.Every time Travis Maddox had a fight I felt front in center of that basement looking at him fight and I betting on him and making some good money unfortunately I was not their at all but for a short while reading the book I traveled in my mind to Eastern University as crazy as that might sound to others.

I believe you did a beautiful job writing Travis because he came across to me as a mysterious hot sexy guy. I have never loved Tattoos before but something about this book made me think they were sexy on him. I wanted to know about Travis because of his anger management that he had every time Abby left him. He got out of control and I got scared I was like oh my god he is going to kill someone you sure made me feel that way and I love to have feelings for all of my books because if I don’t feel anything it’s NOT A GOOD BOOK. as crazy and twisted as I sound right now you might think I have some problems of my own. The point is that Travis was Sexy bad ass and a ladies man but also had a sad story he lost his mother at a very young age and he felt different when he was with Abby he even said it him self.

Now going into more detail with the story my first favorite part that I liked about this book and you had my whole attention was the opening part where they first meet. I was ecstatic I was fascinated with the whole underground fight and I was like they are going to get caught in any minute of this fight but they sure didn’t and it was awesome. How you made Abby and I feel Mesmerized at Travis. I could picture myself in that situation and looking at a fight like that. As they got to know each other I liked how she was upfront with him of putting him in his place and how she mention to him more than once she would not sleep with him I was like yeah right girl.

I caught myself laughing a lot while reading this book. At the comments both Abby and Travis said to each other i think it was sweet to do that and that made me like the characters even more. Hey if I can get a laugh out of them those are very well written characters and that’s just my opinion, Secondly I was excited when I saw how a sweet talker Travis Maddox was with Abby specially when she lost to the first bet they ever made. I could not stop smiling because I knew she was going to lose and then what will happen between them two,

Another situation that I found funny was when Abby goes and meets Travis family and bonds with them to the point they invite her to play a game of cards and the brothers taught oh she will lose and they were going easy on her and then she started to kick their behind in the game until she wiped them out. Reading how Travis were making fun of his brothers saying my girl just wiped my brothers money that was awesome I could not stop laughing in that moment as I was reading that now writing this down and sharing it with you makes me wanna laugh even more again.

Thirdly I enjoyed when Travis was with her by her side when her father comes in the picture and asks her to help him with the money because he owed money to a big mob guy and he was no one to mess around with. And that was what drove Abby to go to Las Vegas and bail her father out when the unexpected happens and adds more thrill to the story and suspense of what will happen next. When Abby didn’t come up with the whole money and was five thousand short.

IT got intense I have to say Travis didn’t leave her side and he went in their with her to defend her from Benny and he was upset when she showed their and with not the whole amount of money. Things started to even get better Travis got in and kicked some behind and Benny was impressed that no Travis was going to fight a professional due to he had kicked Benny’s fighter behind and now he need to take his place and Travis agreed if he would let that be the payment for the missing cash that Abby was not able to come up with. I loved how he rescued the day in that situation.

Now that they were out of the woods another situation would test their love for one another. Travis just had won a big fight and he let that get to his head and shared a bomb shell with Abby about what had Benny offered him when Abby heard she was hurt and felt angry at him for thinking of taking up his offer she asked him more than once if he had signed something or agreed to something with Benny. Travis responded with no I told him I had to talk with you first and I would give him a call. Abby just hoped that when they were back at the university he would change his mind and the whole thing would stop but he didn’t he started talking about all the things he could buy her and how he would pay for her tuition and his Abby was going crazy and try to talk him out of it. She wanted to run home when they got back at campus and breathe some different air.

Now lets start with the not so nice I got really annoyed with fact that Abby could not make up her mind one minute is was with Travis and then she was with Parker. She wanted to be with both of them at the same time. And when things got hot in the kitchen she could not handle it. Travis forgave her because he was in deep crazy head over hills over her.

Every time they fought he had to do something stupid. Like when they were not dating yet and I can’t remember the argument oh yeah because there were so many gosh. Anyways my point that I am trying to say is that he brought two girls he had a three some in his living room and his cousin and girlfriend were in their room and Abby was in his room listening to all that sex they were having she felt disgusted he was a pig an a big A about it too. Her friend felt sorry too and she packed her bags and wanted to take her home and then Travis walks in with a whole bunch of food and how she ends up staying with him I was like what the hell.

In the middle of the book I felt like this too

with all the fighting they would do and the hook up and then break up and cried and yelled and kissed and how they had sex and then they were back together. then they would break up and then get back together. Are you tired yet? Exactly my point right. She could not make up her mind and the time they were together it was sweet while it lasted and then they would start the whole thing again. I was getting tired of the book but I had gone through so much craziness to not find out what it was going to end up like.

I am going to leave at that if you want to read the book read it but I warned you about it. I love a good love story and this one was good but a big roller coaster and I am disappointed at the fighting I could have been OK with out it or a less amount of fight please I hope Walking Disaster is not that much fighting. But I am going to have mentally prepare my self to read the second book I don’t think I am going to read it right after this one I need a break but I will say I am such a curious person that I wan to find out what’s going to happen after their little run to Las Vegas and got married with out her best friend their to be by her side.


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