beautiful oblivion book cover

What the Book is about

Reese Westfield comes from a wealthy family her mother has passed away a couple of years ago and it’s just her sister and father and his new wife. Reese still misses her mother a lot. She is also dating Warren McCarthy she has know him since they were kids and her father and his father are business partners in a law firm. However Reese is tire of dating Warren she wants something different someone who makes her happy. But she does not know how to confront her father about not wanting to date Warren instead she decided to have an unforgettable summer with someone else.

Ace Waterman is a hard-working guy who works for everything he has and he does not have a lot but he has been working hard to put himself through college. he lives in the other side of the lake in Loveless where you can say the not so wealthy side of the town lives.

Reese has loved Ace Waterman has long as she could remember and this Summer she is determined to get him into her bed. She will take a NO for the answer and that’s where this story begins.

My Review 

I bought this book last year and I didn’t get the chance to read it until a week ago so I got it for free and I am very happy with it. Beautiful Oblivion is the first book then its Beautiful Illusion and soon this spring we will have Beautiful Elixir. Which I am looking forward to it. I want to say that Beautiful Oblivion has a beautiful setting in the town of Loveless and it has a lake. I really enjoyed the whole summer fling between Reese and Ace I enjoyed the characters their personality and how the whole friend relationship but they were both dying for each other.

Another point I want to make is that Addison did a beautiful job writing this book I am very happy to had come across this book like I said I got it for free. Reese is such a mommy’s girl just like me and I loved that about this book she was down to earth girl besides all the money her father had. She wanted to follow her heart and her mother’s advice that was given to her on those letters she would receive each birthday.

Gosh my favorite part of this book must have been when she finally tells her father who she loves and that she does not want Warren for her. She had given her heart to Ace a long time ago and her father approved. I honestly thought they were going to end up running away and getting married but I am glad it turned out totally different. The ending was sweet.

I recommend this book to all the ladies out there if you’re looking for a book that has lots of sex and romance this is your book. Get ready for all those chapters in their I promise you wont regret it. you will be wanting more Ace and Reese love-making. All I can say is OMG this two could not keep their hands, bodies, lips to them selves for one minute while being together. It has suspense with the whole hiding around from their family and other friends. Ladies don’t miss out on this wonderful series.

beautiful oblivion book cover beautiful Illusion Beautiful Elixir-FINAL-ebooksm

Beautiful Oblivion Book 1

Beautiful Illusions  Book 2

Beautiful Elixir Book 3  COMING SOON THIS 2015


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