You Are My Sunshine..

Title You Are My Sunshine

Author Angie Merriam


This book is a short story I have to let you know before hand. Sunshine Everly is a single mother of two beautiful children after one date night with her husband he confessed to her that he was unfaithful and she divorced him. Mean while in the her small town there is a serial killer who would sleep with trashy woman and nobody would miss them. Until he makes a mistake to kill a good girl or at least the town thinks so but she has a dark secret and that’s why the killer took her life away. And all hell breaks loose when that happen people start getting scarred of who he is and who his and who will he kill next…

Book Review

What rating will I give this book and why?

I will rate this book a FOUR STAR just because it was plain good and its like able characters. Where great and they sounded like really normal people. You have Sunshine’s best friend their by her  side but she is a girl who does not like to beat around the bush and she is very honest and opinionated and I sure have a friend like that in my life. I could relate with that best friend of Sunshine

SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What was my favorite part ? My favorite part of this book was the killing that was going on here. I wanted to find out who the killer was. But of course we would not find out until almost the end. I liked how Angie wrote what he was thinking from his point of view when looking for his prey and knew how he was going to kill them.

He made sure to seek them out and then have sex with them. Give them that pleasure they were looking for that night but little did they know that was going to be the last they would feel anything. I also thought how disgusting he was he would clean this woman up and then dump them like trash near the town that was his favorite part how he dispose of them.

What shocked me was that this killer had to do with Sunshine that intrigued me since the beginning of reading this book. I kept asking my self is he gonna try to killer too. Or what relation did she have with him. I was so shocked to find out that her mother had slept with this guy. And her father had covered this man first kill and not only him but also the other friends that had in common. But believe me it does not stop there these woman have something in common too and two of them are even related how sick is that.

That is why I liked this story it was news after news almost to the end and I want to save the last so that I don’t give and more details. I can’t stop saying this is a very different book plot to other’s out there and that’s what it makes it unique and fresh to read. With that said my next question to myself is.

 Do I recommend it?

Yes I sure do! It’s a very Thrilling book and very mysterious and lots of suspense just the kind of story I like and we can’t forget there has to be some romance in between. I liked how everything the characters you will fall in love with them too. Just because they are like really people in this world. You can believe that for sure. I think this is why I was drawn to this book and I liked it very much.

I do recommend to all male and female to read this book. This book is not for people younger than 18.


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