Sky Pirates

Title: Sky Pirates Book Three of The Chronicles of Light and Shadow

Author: Liesel Schwarz

Genre:Historical Thrilling Fantasy Adventure

Published Date Oct 28, 2014


A Conspiracy of Alchemists

A Clockwork Heart

Sky Pirates

Book About 

Sky Pirates is the third installment of The Chronicles of Light and Shadow. Elle Chance is the main character in the book she is also has powers she is an Oracle her mother was one and now she is too. She is currently a widow and she can’t get over it because she knows her husband is alive but can’t be with her due to La Dame Blanche dark powers she converted her husband into a monster with out a heart at least a real one she collected him and replaced his heart with a clockwork heart in the second installment called The Clockwork Heart. Ever since that terrible night when Elle knew she could not bring him back she had to let him go but she did not give up. She would find a way to get him back if it was the last thing she would do. Elle then goes back to flying her ship The Water Lilly where she could escape her reality just for a little while until she could figure out a where her husband is and find a way to bring him back into the Light.

As the story starts Elle is hired to deliver a shipment for an older lady by the name of Gail and she is someone important  because she will tell Elle where she must go to find that what she seeks.  And where is that you might be thinking well never the less than to the middle of the Jungle to a sacred temple in Cambodia where there is an Apsara who will answer just one question and Elle just so happens to know what to ask her. But in their journey there will encounter many obstacles before she reaches to the middle of that jungle to the sacred temple. She will meet new characters and others that she had already meet.who are trying to capture her and hold her as a prisoner And that’s where this story begins.

My Review 

My opinion to this third Installment of The Chronicles of Light and Shadow it simple amazing. I could not put this book down. I have to be honest here so far I have liked the first book and this third one due to all the action the book contained. IT was an easy book to read and the characters were very well written. The author did it again for me she captured me in the story. I sure did feel like I was part of the crew men in that pirate ship. I have to say that Logan Dashwood was my favorite character and not because he had something to do with Elle Chance but because how his personality came across I loved that. I always here people ask who is your Character Boyfriend and for me I am happy to say that I think I just found mine. Captain Logan Dashwood. There was always something mysterious about him and I knew I had to keep reading to find out more about him. Even though he was a player but when he found someone he would commit to them and had that whole family values.

I also enjoyed all the different traveling this book takes you. First to go to San Francisco I have to say one of my favorite cities I went there last year for my husband birthday it has so much history and lots to see. Then Liesel takes me to pairs and to some pirate Island where the whole action picks up even more. Gosh its awesome when a book can make you feel so many emotions and sucks you right in like if you were there.. I loved all the detail the other gave and I think that is why I loved this book more than the first two. Also have to say that I was very thrilled to read the Epilogue and I can’t wait to get my hand on book four.

Do I recommend this book? Hell yeah I sure do if you love fantasy with a kick-ass woman character in it then this is your book. Elle Chance does not take NO for an answer she finds a way to do what she proposes her self. Just like how she did to go to that sacred temple where she could ask that one important question and get an answer even if it meant to lose the love of her life.

Why I recommend this book? I recommend this book because it’s a easy to read and it has action and suspense of what will happen next. I think both men and woman can read this book because if you like fantasy books with lots and lots of adventure than this is your book my dear friend. With that said I want to encourage you to read this lovely series like I mentioned before this is the third book I will add links on top for books one, two and three so you can purchase.


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