Cress (The Lunar Chronicles)


ARTHUR: Marissa Meyer

GENRE: Young Adult

RATING: Five Star


Cress is the continuation of Scarlet of The Lunar Chronicles. We already have Cinder who is the main character of all three fairy tale girls. Cinder is the Princess Selene from Luna that the Luna people think she is dead. However she is much alive and is causing a whole lot of mess according to Queen Levana. Cinder has manged to escape from Levana not just once but twice and she is furious. In this book we have the wedding going on and we meet Cress who Rapunzel. This Rapunzel is a spy who has reported to the queen but there is more to her…. We are also introduced to another character by the name of Winter…Which we will know more about her in the next book..


I am giving this book a five-star because this has been my favorite book of all three. Cress has a lot of action then all three books so far and that was one of the main reasons I really enjoyed reading it. Plus I was very curious about what Cinder was gonna do I really thought the queen and Kai were gonna get married I don’t know about the rest of you but I was surprised when the plan was to kidnap the Emperor I for sure thought it was not happening in this book but I am glad it did just when I thought the book was gonna finish it didn’t and I was happy it was long. Another surprise to for me was to find out that Cress was the daughter that the doctor thought she might be dead.

I was somewhat disappointed he didn’t tell her sooner and he waited when he had found out he was infected with the virus and that he was gonna die. I really liked how Cress described earth to Thorn and how he would always tell her to be more detailed describing thing. What I do hope that he ends up falling in love with her just how Cinder is in-love with Kai and Scarlet with Wolf I am pretty sure its gonna happen in the next book but we will have to see.

I did love the fact that he gave her a kiss and she played it off as if it was okay and he was in shock that she thought it was not a good kiss ha ha ha  it hurt his macho ego of ladies man.  But the best part of this book and that’s my opinion is the fact that Kai find out who is the Princess Selene and that its the one and only Cinder and his doubts of her using glamour on him were cleared and their feeling for one each other were out in the open.

He kissed her and asked her again if she was using her powers on him and she said no he replied just checking…We also meet Winter she is the queen’s daughter who doesn’t like to use her powers back on Luna. This princess has Scarlet has her new pet. Scarlet got tortured back in Luna and the Princess bought her and mistreated in front of the other lunar people but behind doors she was nice to her and a little crazy due to not using her powers. They say that lunar people who don’t use their powers start to lose their mind. And that’s where this story ended so we have pending the rescue of Scarlet and see what will Cinder do once she arrives at Luna and what will the people of Luna do once they know the truth and that the queen has been lying to them all these years….





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