Title: Proof

Author: Jordyn Redwood

Genre: Thriller

Description Dr Lilly Reeves is a young, accomplished ER physician with her whole life ahead of her but that life instantly changes when she becomes the fifth victim of a serial rapist. Believing it’s the only way to recover her reputation and secure peace for herself, Lily sets out to find and punish–herself, Lily sets out to find and punish her assailant. Sporting a mysterious tattoo and unusually colored eyes, the rapist should be easy to identify. He even leaves what police would consider solid evidence. But when Lilly believes she has found him, DNA testing clears him as a suspect. How can she prove he is guilty, If science says he is not?



This book was wonderful to read it. Proof is such a page turner the more I read the more I  want to read. I had to force my self to stop reading. That’s how good this books is, trust me you wont regret it. That is why I am rating this book FIVE STARS…

When Lily finds out who the rapist is and how close he had been all this time she goes after him because he was not charged with anything when she identified him plus she attacked him in public at her work place. She even went to jail because this jerk, there was no proof about what he had done. It was her word against him even when the color eyes matched and the tattoo he had in his body also matched I was like…WHAT THE HELL!!!


Let me tell you once Lily saw that there was not enough proof besides the obvious one like I mentioned before. Two different color eyes and the Tattoo that two woman had already described to the cops but that was not enough they needed to verify the Sperm Sample to see if it matched which didn’t they did find a match but it was not his it was his twin brother. The cops were shock to see how close they had been but were not able to arrest him. So the Rapist/Doctor was let go because of DNA not matching….

When I find out the doctor had a twin brother who went to prison and whats even worse his mother asked him to take the blame for his brother and he also did it because he felt responsible for not taking care of his brother when he was younger. I WAS IN SHOCKED….

Meanwhile Lily finds more dirt on her rapist she learns important facts about him that she can use to put him behind bars. But first she needed to talk to the rapist ex-wife but how was she going to find her and what was she going to say. That’s when she goes to find the accident reports on the news paper or anything she can find and that’s when she finds an article of the incident and where it took place she goes and visits and talks to the neighbors to see if she can find information and ask for her contact info. She was telling them that she was an old friend who had not talk to her in a long time and came to surprise visit her and one neighbor knew where this lady was but didn’t want to give her information out to Lily until he confirmed what Lily was saying was true.

While that’s going on back home the cops are going back to the victims to get more information on this guy, The cops find out where the rapist got his tattoo and they wanted to meet with this man to ask him a few questions. Once they found him and met with him he told the cops what the rapist had talked to him about. He told the cops that the people who came to him and talked a whole bunch of nonsense and that they brag and that he doesn’t take serious what his costumers tell him. The cops did ask him what this rapist had bragged about. He replied that he was going to do some things and that he never would get blamed for. He was going to get away with it. The cops were on to something very big so they went to back to the office to talk about this serial rapist patterns. But as they continue to find out more they still needed to find the twin brother.  The cops were anxious to find him.

LILY THEN CONTACTS… her friend who was there for her after the incident. She had decided to give her baby’s in adoption but to someone who would take good care of them. She also told him to make all the arrangements for her to just go and deliver the babies but that the only thing was that she didn’t want to have them in the hospital. So now her friend had to find a place and a person who could take the children in. And he had the right person just to do it. He then asked her where she was all this time and she didn’t want to say so that he wouldn’t be at risk. 

LILY GETS……contacted by her rapist ex-wife and she goes to see her and there this woman gives Lily very valuable information about her serial rapist and she finds out he was a killer too. The Ex wife also told Lily that her ex husband didn’t believe the children where his so she went to get DNA  proof but something went wrong she couldn’t explain it. She told Lily that she had a friend there that was helping her with that and that she had sent those DNA samples to another doctor so they could verify if the children where his. But then the accident happen and she stopped looking. But the friend did find something and she just didn’t want to know now. Lily did ask for her contact information so she could talk to her. The Ex wife did she Lily was pregnant and asked if the baby was her Ex husband Lily replied yes and that they were twins too. Lily got the information of this female doctor that had valuable information for Lily that would help her with her investigation. The Ex-wife arranged a meeting for Lily and the woman to meet. Lily was happy with the news and as she was getting up and ready to walk out this woman’s apartment and opens the door Lily see’s him Lily is in so much shock that she faints.


WHEN THE… twin brother then see’s Lily at the door and she faints he then rushed her to a small clinic where they could help her. He took her there so that no one would  recognize Lily since she was being looked for the death of her friend and the twin brother didn’t wanted to be identified either since they would confuse him for his twin brother he did not want to go back to jail.

Lily then wakes up and she thinks she see’s her rapist again and she quickly moves her hands to her belly checking that the babies were okay. She then looked at him again and she could see that he would not move because he wanted to talk to explained to her who he was and that he wanted to help her put his twin brother in jail for all those victims he rapped and the death of all his children. And for letting him go to jail for a murder he did not commit.


Now that Lily found the twin brother too without looking for him she accepts his help and they both go out looking for woman who Lily need to speak to regarding the rapist ex-wife children. Lily and her rapist twin brother goes to this dinner to meet with the woman and Lily finds out this Medical term that they use and what it is and how it works and the only way to find out is through children DNA. Which was music to her ears but she still had to wait until the children were born to be able to take action against her serial killer.

When Lily leaves the Dinner she gets in the car and her brother’s rapist drives off and the woman too her car explodes and Lily wants to go back to help her. But the brother refuses because there is nothing they can do and now the cops were going to investigate and they were going to find out that they were both there with this woman and her rapist will find out too. Everything was getting out of control and she was soon to delivery the babies. She had the twin brother drive her to a secret place but first she needed to call her friend to get directions of this place….

LILY THEN CALLS HER FRIEND…..And asks for directions to this cabin that he got for her to have the babies but he still urged her to go to the hospital to have them. Lily refused to listen plus she now had the answer she needed so she didn’t just go through hell to get this info and to get arrested for he friends murder and who knows what would happen to the babies what if her serial killer wanted to get them and get rid of them. And there was the twin brother who didn’t want to go back to jail either..

NOW BACK HOME THE COPS FOUND….Out where Lily was this whole time and they needed to reach her. So the cops went to the hospital where Lily use to work so they can talk to her male friend because they were for sure he knew where Lily was this whole time. When the cops get there and talk to Lily’s friend he spills the beans for Lily’s safety and the cop and Lily’s friend go to meet with her but they didn’t know that the rapist twin brother was with her that was a surprise they were going to find out.

By then also the serial rapist was behind Lily and his twin brother chasing them trying to cause an accident so that Lily could lose the babies. She was so scared for her life the last thing she remembered before crashing was this man chasing them and how was she going to save the babies.



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