Arafura Unfinished Business

Title: Arafura Unfinished Business

Author: Susan Lattwein

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Drama


My Review 

I have a lot to say about this book. I was looking forward to this book after reading the first book. It felt a long time but it was a sweet book, good read, page turner this book has it all Drama, Suspense and Romance. Katherine and Adam are the main characters. They story is a crazy one but a good one. Katherine was engaged to Lucas but when she met Adam she fell over heels for him. There was chemistry between them. Katherine was a good-looking gal and Adam is you HOT GUY did I say HOT just making sure. He was Tall,Muscular and Mysterious. But Adam suffered of Post Traumatic Stress.

When he comes back to rescue Kat from some terrorist who kidnapped her to get to him. She was afraid and scared because she didn’t know how she was going to get out of that one and on top of that Adam was dead. She thought she was never going to see her stepsister Lily and Sam. These awful men wanted to rape her because she wasn’t tell them where Adam was dead. And on top of that they were planning to set up a bomb in an US Ship and wanted Adams help.

When Adam came to the rescued Katherine thought she was dreaming how could Adam survived that boat crash in the storm that night. Katherine felt a whole bunch of emotions she wouldn’t stop talking he told her to be quite they were going to hear them. Just as they were leaving they men heard them and went after them and now they were all in a boat in the middle of the ocean. Adam was getting tortured and Katherine was dying because she stilled cared for him.

And that’s it you guys have to read the rest to find out where this story ends. Trust me you wont regret it! This book is fast paced with the Drama and Suspense. If you are a male and want to read it go for it you will absolutely enjoy it.

That’s Why I am giving this book a five star…Because I was happy with the story and how it ended. I got this book for free because I am so awesome. Just kidding I got the first book for free for an honest review and then a became a fan of Susan’s writing is the best because she could not stop making her books characters get out of my mind and head. I was always wondering how this second book will turn out. And I had no idea but it was such a page turner and I had to force my self to stop reading. I even told her I was going to take my time to read it because I had read the first book too quick and I wanted to enjoy this one. But oh boy I couldn’t resist it. I started slow and then I said to myself what am I saying I need to find out more I just couldn’t get enough. Of hot sexy Adam you know how they say which book character you would want to date definitively Adam is my book boyfriend. Crazy right because I thought that was a little too crazy I guess I just joined the club.







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